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Foundary Software

Foundary Management System

SWI Foundry ERP Software that leverages the cloud technologies in full, offers flexibility, cost-saving, fast service, ease of accessibility, and sustainability.The only challenges that require Foundry ERP software. Core production scheduling and coordination, dike efficiency, and molding demands for customer needs are tough to balance law. Check the sample before releasing the product. Sends outside suppliers for tracking casting inventory processing. This SAI WEB INFOTECH ERP system addresses, as well as all business processes of others exclusive to the foundry industry.

As a foundry, you have special needs. B & L works only metal-casters, and we developed SAI WEB INFOTECH Foundry ERP software. directly to fix the specific needs of the foundries, casters, and related activities to die. From thousands of a dozen employees, hundreds of celebrities in the world rely on the SAI WEB INFOTECH, the Foundry ERP system. Can you fix the job shop or high product, ferrous or ferrous, sand or permanent mold, SAI WEB INFOTECH your unique preparation challenge? SAI WEB INFOTECH fits your foundry business because we have direct involvement from individuals like you, the people with first-hand knowledge. And it will have all the areas of your business: inventory, sales, manufacture, finance, quality, and data analytics.

Features of SWI's Foundry Management Software
  • SWI's Foundary ERP software has two stores of chemical and physical attributes of each heat. Certifications are printed during demand or transportation.
  • Metal Recipe System defines the composition of metal grade, both mixture and requirements in both.
  • Compare the standard metal consumption with the original metal consumption.
  • Provides an integrated design tracking system.
  • Total impressions can set each sample and review limits.
  • The models that exceeded the review restrictions are flagged for checking.
  • Familiar and combined patterns are fully supported.
  • Allows for two metal and energy surcharges to apply at the entry or invoice for each customer.
Affordable price

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How to get SWI's Foundry ERP Software

It is easy to start using SWI Foundary ERP software. It needs no installation and one can access and start using it over the internet.

Rising from the stiff competition and devoted to making a difference, SAI WEB INFOTECH from Banglore(India), has developed a comprehensive Foundry Management Software.

Why choose us?

Choosing to use SWI's Foundary ERP software.located on the cloud platform is cost-effective for the ERPs. It is an attractive choice for the small as well as big foundry setups. It requires no expenditure on trained IT staff. They are costly. This highly optimized software is managed, updated, and configured in the cloud by skilled IT professionals. This will help consumers escape the burden. This leads to cost savings. Without interruption, ERP personnel focus on the core functions of the ERP.

Our Aim

The software aims to create a user-friendly, simple, quick, and cost-effective system that should aid the manufacturing industry enormously. The software's fundamental functionality is to store weights of details in a masterminded order, manipulating the details meaningfully.


The SWI's Foundary ERP software is a great umbrella for subscription businesses that have multiple functions such as subscription management, Pattern Processing, Melting & Pouring, Heat Treatment, Surface Cleaning, QC & Finalizing, payment processing, billing, invoices, and accounting. Overall, these are crucial to running the business well as an oil machine and unlocking growth. That is why choosing foundry software for your business is an important step in your growth journey. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you get the right billing launchpad. SAI WEB INFOTECH If you are interested in finding out if you have the right billing software, schedule a demo or try it for free.

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  • foundry software
  • foundry software
  • foundry software
SWI's Foundry ERP Software

SWI Foundry ERP Software that leverages the cloud technologies in full, offers flexibility, cost saving, fast service, ease of accessibility and sustainability. Foundry ERP Software is automated cloud or desktop technology that allows business owners and financial professionals to manage a small, medium business’s through their computer.

Type of Foundries.
  • Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Ceramic mold Casting
  • Die Casting
  • Loss Wax & Lost-foam Casting
Basic Functions of Foundry Companies
  • Molds (Production Planning)
  • Melting (Production Management)
  • Machining (Production Controlling)
Working Flow of Foundry Companies
  • Melting
  • Pouring
  • Pattern Processing
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Heat Treatment
  • QC and Finalize

Moulding Type's Foundry Companies
Cold mould work

What is the type of cold-working type. This topic is mainly suitable for working in the mold in the closed situation. They will die cool stamping, cool stamping, die cold teaching, pressing the thread mold, pressing dry mold. Different Carbon Tool Steel, Mixing Tool Steel, from steel stealing steel thief until steel steals.

Heat mould work

The next type of hot work vowel steel. This steel is primarily applied to organisms in favor of working in high temperature conditions. Hot furnishing molding, hot pressing dyes, die mold and hot riot, is a good example of the above proposed mold. There are many hot-work mold steels such as carbon and some mix agents (Mo, V, W, CR. In a special hot-work type, sometimes heat resistant Alloy vowel is used in the steel).

Plastic mould work

Third type of plastic molded steel. There are more differences in plastic molding materials that have more differences in the needs of plastic products. Plastic mold steel is widely formed in current developed countries. This steel carb construction steel, erosion-proof type, age hardening type and so on.

How SWI's Foundry Software helps you ?
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Stock maintanance
  • Production Planing and Management
  • Quality Management
  • Store / Wearhouse Management

This highly configurable cloud provides rich functionality in business processes covering ERP solution, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Production, Financial Accounting, Quality Control, Inventory Management, etc. In addition to the SWI ERP Basic modules, we also offer some other modules. Merged with it.

Whether you need original or remote support, we've flexible options to suit your requirements. We make ultimate Designs suitable for your Business. Applications are well designed, smarter, and work more efficiently in your business. We produce elegant web and Windows applications at affordable prices.

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