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Hospital Software

Hospital Management Software

SWI's Hospital Management Software addresses your hospital management-related woes. It brings simplicity to the patient appointments, their treatment, medical billing and payments, and services that take care of other requirements of the hospital.

SWI's Hospital Management System is a flexible software that is customizable and user-configurable.We provide web based and windows based solution for small hospitals, medium and big hospitals.

Are you still standing in a long queue to get the doctor's appointment? Well, things have changed a lot in the last year after the pandemic breakout. The need to maintain distance and stay at home, as much as possible, has completely changed the healthcare system. Within one year many online doctor appointment solutions have been introduced to ease the process of healthcare and treatment.

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Why choose us?

The entire SWI's Hospital Management Software Suite is simple and easy to use. It provides an intuitive interface and allows users to easily manage hospital work processes. The SWI Hospital Management Software comes empowered with an extensive and powerful set of features that allow you to easily manage all the complex work processes in the healthcare sector.

How to get SWI's Hospital Management Software ?

It is easy to start using an SWI's Hospital Management software. SWI Hospital Software download from our website or click here to download SWI Hospital software free. to It needs no installation and one can access and start using it over the internet.

Rising from the stiff competition and devoted to making a difference, SAI WEB INFOTECH from Banglore(India), has developed a comprehensive Hospital Management Software.

Conclusion / Our AIM

The aim of the software is to create a user-friendly, simple, quick, and cost-effective system that should aid the healthcare industry enormously. The software's fundamental functionality is to store weights of details in a masterminded order, manipulating the details meaningfully.

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  • hospital management software
  • hospital management software
  • hospital management software
Features of SWI's Hospital Software

SWI Hospital software that leverages the cloud technologies in full, offers flexibility, cost-saving, fast service, ease of accessibility, and sustainability.

Even small hospitals can harness the power of this type of software. As the business grows, the software automatically scales itself to the hospital's increasing needs without the user having to provide for it. The software is easy to use, at its fullest, right from the first day.

OPD Module

  • Token No Register
  • Token to OPD Transfer
  • OPD Register
  • OPD Billing
  • OPD Report
  • OPD Prescription
  • OPD to IPD Transfer
  • OPD Patient Summary
  • Department wise Report
  • Reference Doctor Report
  • Consultant Doctor Report
  • IPD Module

  • IPD Registration
  • IPD Deposit
  • IPD Discharge
  • IPD Admit Report
  • IPD Deposit Report
  • IPD Discharge Report
  • Scheme wise Report
  • Department Report
  • Ward wise Report
  • Doctor wise Report
  • TPA Report
  • Doctor Module

  • OPD wise Report
  • IPD wise Report
  • Department wise Report
  • Reference Doctor Report
  • Consultant Doctor Report
  • Ward wise Report
  • TPA wise Doctor Report
  • Patient Module

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Billing
  • Patient History
  • Patient Indusial Ledger
  • Patient Treatment information
  • Patients Reminder’s
  • Patient Visit List
  • SMS Module

  • Get Daily Cash Report
  • Get Patients List
  • OPD Cash Summary
  • Admit / Discharge Summary
  • Cash Summary
  • Expenses Summary
  • Ward / Bed’s Status
  • Account Module

  • Receipt Voucher
  • Payment voucher
  • Cashbook
  • Account Ledger
  • Bank Accounts
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