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Realestate Software

Realestate Management System

SWI's Realestate Management System addresses your account management related woes. It brings simplicity to the plot booking, plot ledgers, members statements, plots statements, agent statements, root/collection statements, D.O statements, collection receipts, and payments services that take care of other requirements of the account.

It is easy to start using an SWI's Realestate Management software. It needs no installation and one can access and start using it over the internet.

SWI's Realestate Management Software
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How to get SWI's Realestate Management Software?

It is easy to start using an SWI's Realestate Management software. It needs no installation and one can access and start using it over the internet.

Rising from the stiff competition and devoted to making a difference, SAI WEB INFOTECH from Banglore(India), has developed a comprehensive Realestate Management Software.

Why choose us?

The entire SWI's Realestate Management Software Suite is simple and easy to use. It provides an intuitive interface and allows users to easily manage hospital work processes. The SWI Realestate Management Software comes empowered with an extensive and powerful set of features that allow you to easily manage all the complex work processes in the Real-estate sector.

Conclusion / Our AIM

The software aims to create a user-friendly, simple, quick, and cost-effective system that should aid the healthcare industry enormously. The software's fundamental functionality is to store weights of details in a masterminded order, manipulating the details meaningfully.

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  • Realestate software
  • Realestate software
  • Realestate software
Advantages of SWI Realestate Software

SWI's Realestate software that leverages the cloud technologies in full, offers flexibility, cost-saving, fast service, ease of accessibility, and sustainability. Real estate software is automated cloud or desktop technology that allows business owners and financial professionals to manage small, medium businesses through their computers.

  • 1. You can easily access members' details through Plot No, Member Name, and Contact No.
  • 2. Collection Sheet entry is very easy to add EMI, additional EMI to plot number, it will automatically be posted to account ledgers and individual ledgers.
  • GST compatible.
  • SWI's Realestate software has GST returns-related features, you can upload data directly from the software to the GST portal and errors are less likely to occur. SWI's software must have the ability to generate GST reports and returns in all formats. It makes the task easier.

  • 4. Cost and Time saving and multiple users.
  • SWI's Realestate Software has an automated receipt generation feature that saves their time and gets things done faster. Without the software, the business will have to file tough returns every month.

  • 5. Client Management.
  • SWI's Realestate software helps send reminders and due information to develop better relationships with customers.

  • 6. Generate automated reports.
  • SWI's Realestate software customers ledgers, account statements, dues statements, plot sales statements, customer's ledger, plot ledger, due and paid statements will be created automatically.

  • 7. Payment Process:
  • Assists customers with accounting billing. Provides connectivity to top accounting software and facilitates accountants' work.

  • 8. Clients and supplier ledger.
  • It will create automatic clients and supplier ledger automatically. you can also view paid, unpaid and pending transactions.

  • 9. Integration with Bulk SMS, whats app and other tools.
  • Sends alerts and reminders using Bulk SMS, Email, and What's App. It also informs clients about EMI information, paid, due, wishes and reminders.

  • 10. Statements / Records:
  • credit note, debit note, ledgers, EMI statements, estimates, etc... data related to ERP at the central location. It is available to authorized persons from anywhere, anytime. users can use client data to conduct EMI improvement.

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